Matthew Simmons lives in Seattle.


Seattle Fiction Federation #1



A new reading series for fiction, fiction, and more fiction.

Monday August 25th at Richard Hugo House, 7:00-10:00 PM.

Featuring Corinne Manning, Matthew Simmons, Ross McMeekin, and Robert P. Kaye.

Also featuring open mic readers interspersed between the featured writers. Audience vote…

Guys, me and my #HugoHouseHomeboy Robert are starting a reading series featuring 100% fiction writers. Seattle has a wonderful lit scene, but the poets dominate the readings. Justly so—90% of the time, poetry works so much better at readings than prose.

We want to get our prose on. We want to get fiction writers out of their freaky little caves. We’re going to get readers who can actually tell a story, not just read words off a piece of paper in a boring voice. There will be laughter. There will be moving displays of paragraphic virtuousity. There will be beer. You should come.

Also, follow Seattle Fiction Federation on the tumblrs. The link is right up there. While you’re at it, follow corinnemanning and happyrockisabook (Matthew Simmons). And we’ll see you there!